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Why Choose SKM?

  Quite simply, Power*Tools for Windows is the Gold Standard to which all other software packages must be compared. No other software can match SKM Power*Tools for project analysis flexibility, speed, or database integration. And with over 35,000 users worldwide, no other software package has the breadth of support from the professionals in the engineering community of SKM Power*Tools for Windows. From industry leaders like Cutler-Hammer, GE, Square-D and Siemens Westinghouse, to independent contractors and leaders in every industry, Power*Tools is the application of choice when it comes to electrical engineering software.

However, there is much more to Power*Tools than industry wide acceptance of a superior product. SKM Power*Tools for Windows is backed by a world class technical support staff that is comprised entirely of electrical engineers. With over 20 percent of our support staff holding registered professional engineer certifications, you can be assured that you are talking to someone who understands your problems and not just someone who is reading answers to you from a handbook. In addition to their degrees and certifications, SKM support engineers are required to have at least three full years of experience with the Power*Tools suite of software and to maintain their knowledge by instructing classes on the various Power*Tools Study Modules.

If top-notch products and unparalleled customer service aren't enough, SKM Systems Analysis, Inc. offers even more. Your purchase is backed by a company with 40 years in the industry. We were the first to market, and have consistently offered our clients the best electrical engineering product available. Couple this with our industry leading training classes and our customizable Corporate Training Program and you can see why SKM offers each and every customer a true advantage!

Learn why SKM uses Ring Central

Sept 29, 2019. I love that RingCentral is constantly upgrading its apps to make the service more useful and reliable. We've used RingCentral for three years now, and have been very happy with the price, service and overall experience. On the few times I've had an issue or needed help with an implementation, the support has been excellent. I have recommended RingCentral to others. It’s completely free for developers to sign up and join the RingCentral developer platform. All you need to do is give RingCentral your email, and you’ll get an account.

However, you will need to pay for the services you want to add to your communication stack. For instance, you can expand your system as needed with additional toll-free numbers, access to contact center solutions, and support from RingCentral Glip. RingCentral Connect is an exciting opportunity for developers who want to unlock the benefits of the RingCentral platform, without committing to a pre-made package. The developer section of RingCentral comes with API references, developer guides, tutorials, and more to explore, so you’ll have plenty of support when building your communication stack. APIs are “Application Programming Interfaces.” These systems allow developers to add specific features like chat, VoIP, or SMS support to existing applications and communication infrastructure. SDKs, on the other hand, are “Software Development Kits,” these include a lot more information than the standard API, as well as guides on how to put your new communication strategy together.

To help developers embrace the Connect Platform, RingCentral created the “API Explorer” a useful tool that teaches companies how to use APIs effectively, without learning code. With API Explorer, you can browse through APIs, view the parameters for each API, run requests for your system, and perform authorization and authentication steps seamlessly. RingCentral gives developers everything they need to quickly and effectively build Chatbots for Glip instant messaging and SMS. Through an open architecture and the delivery of SDK and API libraries, RingCentral provides modern developers with the chance to create their own communication solution on top of their existing network.

The RingCentral Connect platform is a powerful way for companies to make their workforces more productive, enhance customer satisfaction and access the latest apps in the marketplace, all with minimal upfront investment. The RingCentral Connect platform is RingCentral’s SDK and API solution, built for developers from the ground up. The system includes industry-standard APIs to help developers innovate in their existing communication stacks, as well as community-built Apps too.

The benefits of the RingCentral Connect platform include enhanced customer experience. RingCentral analytics APIs can help companies access the data they’re already collecting through messages, presence, and call logs. The more you learn about your organization, the easier it is to implement stronger customer experience strategies. Also stronger collaboration. With Glip messaging, SMS, and Meeting APIs, companies can keep their employees connected wherever they are. Better communication promotes stronger cooperation. Businesses can even integrate file sharing, multimedia and faxing options into their communication stack Chatbot frameworks are also available to developers hoping to build their chatbots from SMS and RingCentral Glip APIs. Additionally, there is a range of community SDKs and sample applications available to browse through.

Visit here to go the the RingCentral Developers site:

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