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If you receive these error messages in PTW32 version 6.5:

A. ‘Unable to find the device form the Protective Device library’
B. ‘Missing TCC Curves’.

  Follow the steps for proper mapping of the protective devices library references:  
  1. Make sure you have a backup copy of the project in version 6.0 format before converting any project version 6.5.  
  2. Launch PTW32 V6.5 software. Open the project where you are receiving the error messages  
  3. Go to Project menu > Options > Library. On the right side of the window under PTW library, click on Browse button and select the path to the latest version 6.5 standard     PTW library. Refer Figure 1 for more details.  
  Figure 1  
  4. In the same Options Groups window now select Equipment Evaluation > Input Data Criteria under Options Subview. Uncheck all the check boxes on the right pane and     check only the “Missing Library References”. Click OK. Refer Figure 2 for more details.  
  Figure 2  
  5. Close the Project. Reopen the project, but before you open the .prj file, press and hold down the CTRL and SHIFT keys on your keyboard and then click Open. You will     see the following dialog box:  
  6. Click OK, this will validate the project database with the new mapped library references.  
  7. Go to the Document menu and click on Component Editor.  
  8. Go to the Run menu and select Failed Input Evaluation.  
  9. If this does not bring up any devices in the component editor, this indicates all the protective Devices are mapped. See figure 4.  
  Figure 4  
  10. If the component editor lists some devices, this indicates that these devices are either new or modified devices compared with the standard PTW library that we provided      with the software.  
  11. To get a list of these devices go to Run menu and select TCC report. Save this report. Select Sort By Component Name in Report Sorting Options and All Protection     Devices in Component Editor in the Report options. Refer figure 5 for more details.  
  Figure 5  
  Go to the Document menu and select Reports. Double click on Test.rpt to view this report.  
  12. The device listed in this report cannot be mapped. Copying and pasting these missing devices form the old library into the latest version 6.5 library must be completed. To     transfer devices between Captor libraries, refer to this page : faq_transDevBetweenCaptorLib.html  
  13. All device setting will be maintained. To cross check, verify the Datablock settings in the Component Editor with the saved TCC report. They should be identical.  
  14. This completes the library mapping for your project.