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  Using the “Color One-Line Toolbar” in PTW32  
Toggle the display of data state colors for components
  This button will apply a user-defined color on each component in the One-Line drawing based on the “Data State” selected for each component. These colors can be changed in the One-Line global options.  

User can choose from the following “Data State” types:

1. Complete
2. Verified
3. Estimated
4. Incomplete

  Note: “Data State” attributes will not affect the study results of any projects.  
Toggle the display of the arc flash category color for the buses and protective devices
  This button will apply the “Category Background Color” column in Arc Flash’s PPE Table to the One-Line, based on the PPE Category assigned to each bus by the Arc Flash evaluation report.  
Toggle the display of the one-line nametag and datablock color
  This button is complementary to the previous two. It will apply the color of each component to its corresponding nametag and datablock in the One-Line.