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How do I model a series reactor?

You can model in-line reactor using the cable component.

Step 1 – Create a new cable component. Name it LINE REACTOR and enter 1000ft for the length.

  Step 2 – In the impedance subview, you could then enter in the appropriate impedance in total ohms. Note the units required by the software are in ohms/1000ft. This is the reason for entering 1000ft for the length on the previous subview, so the units will cancel.  
  Step 3 – Change the symbol on the one-line to look like a reactor.  To do this, left click on the cable symbol to select (symbol turns blue).  Next, right-click and select Symbol Selection.  From there choose the reactor symbol, and click the OK button.  
  The cable component will then be displayed as a reactor on the one-line diagram.